Can I participate in the Disability March if I am temporarily unable to attend a Jan. 20/21 event but do not identify as disabled?

We prefer that only people who identify as disabled participate in this visibility action, because the disabled community needs visibility at this time.

Can I write a post if I am a parent or caregiver of someone who is disabled on their behalf?

We ask that you only post on behalf of those adults or teens who have your explicit consent. We ask that you not post on behalf of children, and that you not post for yourself as a caregiver. We understand that you as a caregiver or parent face special challenges and issues, but this particular page is for those who identify as disabled.

Can I enter via email?

We will unfortunately not be able to do hand-keyed entries this year. However, if you have difficulty with the form or with the directions, please feel free to email your entry to disabilitymarch@gmail.com and we will upload it for you.

Can I enter a post in solidarity if I live outside the United States?

Yes, definitely!


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