The is not the end of our story

The uncertainty hurts. As a person with SLE Lupus (that almost took my life once after heart surgery) stress makes my disability worse so I try to avoid it. However everytime I turn on TV or the internet I hear about all the heartless things the white house and GOP are trying to pass that will be devastating if they become law.

I wonder will they take away my care? That would be a death sentence. Why must they continue to call what I paid into my whole life an entitlement? Why must they continue to deny climate change and allow the man who sued the EPA to run it? How many more consumer protections will we lose? Is there anyone willing to stand up to racist policies? Oh and so many other questions. Again, I try not to stress. Stress means flares.

I pray a lot.  My faith keeps me, yet I know faith without works is dead. So I get involved with my community because I’m not the only one with these concerns. A lot of my involvement is online and that’s okay, because I do what I can. So I sign petitions, make phone calls and engage others in political activism. Most importantly I understand I’m not alone. Many others are united and determined to resist policies that hurt the people. From the #MeToo movement to #TheResistance we are making our voices heard. We march! We speak up! We vote!

In the picture below I’m in purple, a color adopted by those with Lupus. I’m smiling because there is always hope. There is light in darkness.


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